FANSEAT.COM @ Elisa Viihde is a Finnish sports network optimized for mobile platforms. Supply consists of live sport broadcasts, recordings, collages, magazine shows and other sports entertainment. Differents sports featured are basketball, ice hockey, soccer, floorball among other smaller sports.

I’ve been producing content for since 2015. In the beginning I took care of the visual brand in the form of logo animation and graphics. Since then I have produced and directed tens of live broadcasts for is produced by Elisa Viihde.


“Esa gives his best everytime and gets the rest of the team follow his example.” – Markus Nurmi / Grassmark Oy


Videologo animation, on screen assets, such as bumbers and stingers. Gameplay graphics, pregame graphics etc.


Creating running orders for live shows. Managing the look and feel of particular shows as well as larger production entities.


Directing multicamera broadcasts on site with various types of small and larger teams. Communicating with stakeholders and considering journalistic side.